Khattaly Consulting is a USA based firm, specializing in research and consulting services on Sovereign Wealth Funds, International Business and the political economy of the MENA region.

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Founder / Chief Consultant

I am a Libyan American, born in Washington D.C. I spent the early years of my life in Libya and Morocco and my teens in Arizona where I graduated from High School. I earned a B.A. in International relations from Arizona State University, an executive degree in Global Strategic Management from Harvard University Business School in Cambridge and an executive degree in Mergers & Acquisitions from Kennesaw State University Coles Business School in Georgia.

Although for now, I call Istanbul, Turkey, my home, I have also spent a large portion of the last 10 years living, traveling and working in the MENA region and Europe. Prior to 2011, I worked in the areas of human rights and social justice in the North African region, specifically for the promotion of Amazigh people, culture and rights.

My interests in this region have grown to include research and writing on this part of the world. Since 2011, I have worked as the Managing Director of the Real estate & Hotel fund of Libya’s $67 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund, from 2017-2019 as a Deputy CEO for a real estate and hotel investment company in Cairo, Egypt, and as an International Business consultant in Istanbul, Turkey for much of 2019. I have been a member of executive boards of large investment firms in the UK and Tunisia.

I love and enjoy traveling and have done plenty of it mainly in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and the North African region. Parts of the world I would love to visit but have not, include India, South Korea, and most of the South East Asia region.

Through this blog, I hope to share my thoughts, experiences, and analysis with others who share my interests in this part of the world. My interests focus on Sovereign Wealth Funds, International Business and the Political Economy of the MENA region and how U.S foreign policy affects this area.

Masinessa “Omar” Khattaly